Tuesday, October 8, 2013

where to

this little heart,
a weak heart,
soaked in sadness,
trembling in pain.

S.O.S signal that has never been heard,
i am a lost heart.

Truth to be told, this might be the very first time. Everything seems really dark, no way out, no way back. I am so tired, I am on the verge of shattering into tiny bits of grains.

I need a shoulder and an ear, that is unbiased and fair, that will try to understand my pain. But there's none. It was all in vain. Instead, the frustration added more pain.

Thinking back, thinking deep. Did I miss anything? Perhaps i missed something?
I am a lost heart. Where to then? I am too alone; its dark, its scary.

Thinking back, thinking deep. Maybe it is my heart, that is missing its Creator.
I have been straying a little too far. He is Always waiting, as He had promised.
But I was the wrong one. I turned right, I turned left.
It was wrong, to be hopeful on the creatures, something other than The Almight One.
Instead of right, instead of left, I should go straight; straight back to Him.
He will find the answers for me, wouldnt He?

Dear, Allah please help this heart of mine. Its too painful, its almost unbearable. I know this is nothing comparable to the Azab in Hell. But help me, don't cast me away. You are the pure love to the souls. I beg for your forgiveness, let me always always always be on your path, in happiness and sadness. As long as I have you, I shouldnt be scared of anything, I am sure.

Show me the way...

Mungkin Allah letak jauh semua makhluk sekeliling (keluarga, kawan, manusia seluruh alam), sebab nak bagi masa untuk betul-betul balik dan mengadu dekat Dia.

** I express myself better through my writings. It was never to gain people's questions or sympathy. I dont think there'll be that many people interested in reading, but just in case. I am sorry if I have been an utter annoyance these days with my terrrible mood swings. I am just a weak human needing a place to vent out my feelings, at times. Peace.

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