Saturday, November 16, 2013

You don't know the beat my heart skipped, when it is you infront of me.

How did it happened?
I have no idea.
Struggling to bury it deep;
- because it is impossible.
Hoping it is just temporary.
(But it is not going away..)

Sipping in through my 'bubble',
Breaking through my 'walls',
Peeking through my 'masks',
Hoping that I am not being too obvious; so I am running.
I hope I don't appear as if I am rejecting.
It is just a little 'running' away is what I am doing.

I do not want to be discovered.
Thus, I am hiding.

And so, feeling a bit lost.
Im going to take a breather,
and figure it all out.

"If you stare at it too closely, the answer never comes."
- the closer I am getting, the more I feel so away.


Should there be anyone reading this, I don't know how you will interpret this. But it might not be what you are thinking :p Just some nice lines crossing in mind, so i thought it'd be so wasteful to let it go just like that. Thus, I am writing it here.

But perhaps, crushed. HAHA. bye.


Asma` Amaya said...

dah lama tak bukak blog, bukak2 je baca post chi. and i'm in looove with this, sbb rasa mcm boleh apply kat diri sendiri. HAHAHA having crush is hard XD *nak virtual high five tak??* ngehehe

bunny ;) said...

HAHAH im glaaad ada orang actually baca and sukaa (* v *)asame-channn desu yo ne?! Rasa macam nak cerita2 je. But having a crush is fun too, although it hurts a lot at times. *VIRTUAL HI5s*