Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2015: Revisit


I thought I would have left this place for good.
Revisiting for the sake of 're-collecting' - my own 'pieces'.

I re-read my old writings.
Boy, I was a ball of gloom back then.
Was that even me?
But I could relate to everything.
To my past self, I would say this one thing 
- 'Well done, you did a good job enduring'

I am, still crying yet I do stop after a while
I am, still struggling yet forward moving
I am, still weak yet stronger
For one thing that I know, 
I am a crybaby yet I dont do 'Stop'.
- So bad at giving up.

To my future self, if you ever come visiting - again
I am You, & You are me, myself.
It is okay, I will be strong now
So that you too, will be. 
Promise me, you too will continue to be.
Be stronger for Our future self.
Have faith that, someday, everything will be okay
- Everything.
We have Him, don't we?

Dah, lap air mata kemudian senyum.

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